Shopify is a great portal for anyone running an online business to create a strong customer base. But despite having a loyal customer base, it gets difficult for many to keep track of their sales and customer information. That’s where a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) hops in. CRM platforms are crucial tools that help online businesses manage customer interactions and track their sales. But with so many CRM platforms available, choosing the right one for your business can get overwhelming. It becomes easy once you hire Shopify experts to take care of this. We have curated a list of the 11 best CRM platforms for Shopify that can help your online business streamline customer management.

1. Hubspot: 

Hubspot CRM for Shopify has been a game changer for online business owners. Hubspot lets you streamline your operations by keeping your marketing efforts organised. Its automation capabilities can help you spend less time on administrative tasks and more on growing your business online.

2. ActiveCampaign Sales: 

ActiveCampaign Sales CRM comes with interesting and helpful features like lead scoring, automated sales follow-ups and contact management. This CRM is a hassle-free way of keeping track of customer interaction and sales data. The user-friendly interface of the platform and robust reporting capabilities makes it easy for you to track your progress and upgrade your Shopify sales strategy.

3. Capsule: 

Capsule CRM is capable of managing customer interactions, sales data and marketing efforts seamlessly on a single platform. Capsule’s intuitive reporting tools can help you stay on top of your metrics, while its flexible pricing option makes it an affordable option for online businesses on Shopify.

4. Ontraport: 

Ontraport’s Shopify CRM integration can help your online businesses with its automated lead capture, segmentation and follow-up campaigns. It allows you to streamline your sales process and increase conversion with personalised marketing and detailed reporting. Ontrapost CRM also has excellent customer support to help you get started with the platform and get results.

5. Salesforce: 

Salesforce CRM helps online businesses on Shopify with exceptional solutions for managing customer interactions, sales data and marketing efforts. This CRM comes with features like lead and opportunity management, customisable reporting, and seamless team communication. Salesforce CRM allows you to optimise your operations and drive more growth easily.

6. Agile: 

Agile CRM’s integration with Shopify allows businesses to streamline their operations and boost sales with powerful features like lead scoring, marketing automation, and detailed project management analytics. Agile CRM is an affordable and user-friendly CRM platform that can help your business with excellent customer satisfaction while driving more growth to your online business. 

7. Bitrex24: 

Bitrex24 is a powerful, user-friendly Shopify CRM platform that can help your online business with Sales channels, marketing platform email marketing automation and lead management. This CRM also offers cloud support for Shopify businesses. Bitrex24 CRM also provides an inbuilt calendar to help you schedule your customer needs and track your performance.

8. Metrilo: 

Metrilo CRM for Shopify helps you automate the tracking and capturing of customer behaviour. Metrilo automatically collects customer data like contact details, browsing history, purchase history, and many more to analyse customer behaviour. Metrilo comes with a task manager that can help you set deadlines and alerts to deliver a project within the deadline. This CRM platform can make the buying process easier for customers as it allows them to request customer experiences and feedback from existing customers, making it one of the best CRM for e-commerce.

9. Nimble: 

Nimble is an easy-to-use CRM tool for Shopify that focuses more on the basics like contact management and lead generation. Nimble can help businesses generate leads and customers by allowing integration into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Nimble helps you automate the customer profile creation process by pulling over all the information from social media.

10. Zoho: 

Zoho CRM for Shopify is a valuable tool for online businesses as it lets you have over 25000 customer contacts in your CRM, allowing the sharing of more targeted data between CRM and your online store. Zoho CRM helps e-commerce businesses with email automation, inventory management and sales signalling that allows you to track customer interaction and streamline the sales process easily. Zoho CRM can be a great partner for any online business looking to upgrade its customer relationship management strategies.

11. Insightly: 

Insightly CRM for Shopify is a powerful tool that helps online businesses build strong relationships with their customers. It can automatically capture incoming customers’ information and add it to the database. Insightly has exciting features like managing the sales pipeline, tracking customer interaction and automating tasks. This also helps online businesses create custom reports and dashboards for each task while providing valuable insights to add to the customer data.


There are plenty of CRM platforms on the web, and choosing the right one for your Shopify business can become overwhelming. We hope that our list of CRM platforms for Shopify helps you streamline your online business operations while improving customer engagement on your e-commerce portals.